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Energy and Essential Oils- Ali: Service



Our bodies are your most important instrument, Ali believes in tuning it to allow the body to heal so you to feel your best in all areas of rest, work and play.   Ali's practice in energy work, trigger point therapy, essential oils, and myofacial release guide your body for bilateral muscle relaxation.  This allows your bones to remember where they are supposed to be.

Start your path to a more playful life.

Refresh and Reconnect ($45)

A 30 minute session to reconnect with your body through massage, deep breathing and trigger point release.

Maternity Massage ($85)

Loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension during pregnancy.

Full Body Massage 60 ($85) / 90 ($125) minutes

Full body massage using a range of techniques, trigger point, myofacial release, deep tissue, healing touch and essential oils intuitively administered for your body .


By appointment only call or text (267)-615-1528.

Aromatic Oils
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