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 Over 20 years of experience in bodywork, Rinnie clears the body's energy flow, relieving stress and tension to restore vitality and balance through reflexology, foot massage, craniosacral therapy, and massage. 

Foot Massage / Reflexology ($60)

Treat your feet to 45 minutes of massage and reflexology.  Hot towels and essential oils used.  Walk away feeling energized and grounded.

Head, Neck, & Shoulder Treatment ($60)

45 minutes of massage, stretching and craniosacral release to your head

Cranio Sacral Therapy ($85)

A form of body work using a gentle touch to the head, spinal column and sacrum.  Releasing tensions deep in the body to reduce pain and enhance overall health.

Maternity Massage ($85)

Loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension during pregnancy.

Full Body Massage 60 ($85) / 90 ($125) minutes

Full body massage using a range of techniques, warm stones and essential oils intuitively administered for your body .

By appointment only call or text 267-799-9858.

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