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Confidence Begins with Great Skin!

As a second generation esthetician Sandy's intuitiveness helps anyone's skin look and feel it's best!  Regular appointments will change and sustain great skin!  Relaxing facial massage will reduce stress and thus releasing harmful toxins that age you! No matter your skin type Sandy has the right treatment.  What are you waiting for....Take care of the largest organ in your body, YOUR SKIN!   By appointment only - Call 267-728-0021.

OceanBlue Aesthetics - Mobil Esthetician Services

* Bridal Parties and Shows

* Corporate Spa Days

* Senior Skin Care Activities

* Oncology Home Skin Care

    ✔ Paraben Free ✔ Sulfate Free ✔ Toxin Free

✔ Cruelty Free ✔ Phosphate Free ✔ Gluten Free



 Meditation along with natural supplements is one of the easiest practices that you can truly rejuvenate your skin, transforming all your cells and tissues. 

With high stress levels you are more likely to experience acne, wrinkles, rosacea flares, dry skin, and even hair loss.

It is recommended not only to practice topical treatments and good hygiene but prescribing regular daily meditation - the practice of calming your mind to reduce stress!

Join the meditation group or beginners lessons and see how to look younger, less dark circles/bags under your eyes, sleep better, and get back that healthy glow!  Not to mention increased energy and happiness.